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Referring to the licences and the different sanitary office papers linked to the beverage industry and laboratory tranformations, DURFO makes use of the co-operation of Doctor Carlo Aliberti director of ENOLSERVICE, who has a lot of years of experience matured in this field and therefore can solve problems linked with:
  1) Sensory Analysis
  • Tasting with Panel Test
  • Sensory wines' Profiles
  • Specific features' research
  • Quality control of wines during working and bottling


2) Chemical Analysis

  • CEE Official methods about alcoholic level, sugars, fixed and volatile acidity
  • Routine's Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • HACCP Analysis
  • Analysis of grapes' maturing


3) Oenological Consultation

  • Production of quality's products
  • Programming and vinification's consultation
  • Stabilization and refining of wines
  • Oenological treatment: dosage and thecnical assistance
  • Wines'preparation for bottling


4) General advice

  • Consultation for opening/implementation activity, with specific pointing to premises and necessary equipments
  • Consultation on the matter of food legislation (Regulative about labels, etc.)
  • Consultation for the correct maintenance of the system of business self-control of the Hygiene (annual, semestral, bimonthly, etc)
  • HACCP Manual Revisions
  • HACCP course for Companiese


Development's way of Services

  • Sending of samples through express Courrier from all the countries of the world
  • The chemical analysises are sent by fax or by e-mail in short times
  • We made a written relation about the technical oenological consultation
  • Possibility to have video-conference and chat room through Internet deciding a meeting
  • On request we made visits in the company

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