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Champagne Equipment For Degorging - Dosing - Topping DDR-200
The semiautomatic unit mod. DDR-SA allows to perform the degorging - draining - dosing - topping operations on 'champagne' style bottles, at a output of about 150 bph.

- Degorging : removal of the crown cap and evacuation of the freezed residuals (the neck of the bottle has to be previouly freezed)

- Dosing of the 'liqueur d'expédition': When the liqueur is dosed, the bottle is laying on a 60° inlined base.

- Topping : after the dosing operation, a small quantity of wine is added, to achieve the same level of product inside all the bottles.

Degorging, Dosing of the 'liqueur d'expédition and Topping Champagne Equipment For Degorging - Dosing - Topping




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Main technical specifications :

  • Stainless steel frame support in Aisi 304 quality, with base for positioning on the floor

  • A small assembly for the manual de-crowning and degorging operation

  • A stainless steel tank for stocking the 'liqueur', with fitting for the compressed air and pressure gauge

  • A support base-plate for placing the bottle for the dosing operation. The support is designed for standard 75cl bottles, but it is pre-disposed for 150cl bottles with a simple change-over.

  • A three-way valve, manual operared, for the dosing of the 'liqueur' inside the bottle. The valve is sucking the 'liqueur' from the storage tank and transfer it to the filling nozzle.

  • A support base-plate for placing a bottle with wine. This bottle is kept in position upside-down and is used to supply the wine needed for the topping (wine levelling)

  • A manual operated valve with a lever for starting the topping operation (wine level in the bottle).


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