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Dissolution Machine
  Machine in stainless steel with interstice for thermal oil or water with electrical resistance for the heating. It can be equipped of mixer with abrading shovels, ideal for the dissolution of aromas, enzymes and several substances.

The machine is also used as a tank for product collection before the filling of jams, honey, chocolate, creams and whenever we have the necessity to maintain in temperature the product.


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  • heating throug electrical resistance dipped in water

  • external thermal isolation, knit legs

  • height under drainage 400mm

  • superior openable cover on half

  • mixer throug wall abrading, motor with fixed turns or with shifter

  • drainage of the producr with valve

  • equipped with electrical board with :
    * thermohead for the reading of heating liquids,
    * switch motor

  • working temperature max 80° C

  • feeding : monophase or three-phase

  • available capacity from 100 Lt



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