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Food Dehydrator

The dehydrator is built in plastic food and stainless steel. It has an horizontal air flow system that allows a natural dehydration of the products as: mushrooms, fruit and vegetables.

With the horizontal system the air flow is not obstructed by the products (as it happened in the dehydrator with vertical air flow) and it can reach every parts of the baskets.


6 Baskets Dehydrator 12 Baskets Dehydrator
Dried Berries Dried fruit



The food dehydrator is composed by a tunnel that contain the dehydrator baskets that flown on independent rail.
The tunnel is enclosed by the motor group, which include a thermostat to adjust the dehydrator heating air. Opposite to the motor group there is a door with split to protect the food during the dehydration and allows the air flow.

The capacity and the duration of dehydrator depends on different factor, especially on the thickness of the products.
The dehydrator can dehydrating daily up to 7 kg of products, quantity that can be increased provided the dehydrator of a complementary module extended up to 30 baskets total.

The maximal electric consume is 15 W for the fan and 480 W for the electric resistance.

The advantage of the horizontal air flow is also confirmed in the productivity, in fact is possible to use all the surface of the baskets without let open spaces for the air flow.


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