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Food Dehydrator 300 KG

The professional food dehydrator are born to satisfy the requirements of agricultural holdings, agritourisms, cultivators of officinal plants and all the entities that work with high quality row material which increase its value through the desiccation.

The dehydrator has the potentiality of a professional food dehydrator plant but with reduced dimensions.

The food dehydrator has a modular structure, so it can be expandable with a second module for a greater production.


Food Dehydrator 160 KG segnalibro Food Dehydrator



The dehydrator is equipped with a electric heat source of 5,1 kW, that allows to work untill 65ºC. A electric heat source of 3,4 kW is also available as an option, useful for the drying of delicate products (ex. officinal plants)

It is equipped with a regulation system for the disposal of humid air, that allows to optimize the drying and the energetic consumpion, removing more or less air according to the works conditions and the type of product. That allows to obtain the best quality with a less consumption.

The food dehydrator is used for hundred of different products, so it is impossible to draw up chart of productivity and costs. Our tests and our customer's experience show that the energy consumption is 1 kW/h for each liter of water evaporated.

The highest quality that the products gain in with the drying process allow to amortize the production costs.

Shelf dimension 70 x 50 cm
Usefull surface
14 m² 25,2 m²
Max. Charge ca. 160 kg
ca. 300 kg
40 - 60 kg/giorno
70 - 100 kg/giorno
External dimensions (LxAxP)
80 x 141 x 80 cm 80 x 175 x 80 cm
ca. 170 kg
ca. 250 kg
Thermical power
5,1 kW*
Electric fan diam. 400 mm
diam. 450 mm
Electric fan power
120 W
175 W
Temperature regulation
electronic, with LED display
Adjusting disposal moist air
with damper finned
Power source
400 V - 50 Hz

A electric heat source of 3,4 kW / 250V 50 Hz is also available as an option

Power and frequencies for foreign markets are available on request


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