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Counterpressure Linear Filler - 2-4 VALVES

The filler counterpressure type is used to bottle all carbonated beverages, such as sparkling wines, soft-drinks, beer, mineral water.

The linear filler is a bench-type unit, with a simple construction concept, ideal for the small productions.

Most of the components are in steel and metal allowys, while all the parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel


filler counterpressure bottle all carbonated beverages




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  • High versatility : possibility to fill glass and PET bottles from 500ml to 1,5 Lt.

  • Quick adjusting : the bottle-pedestals can be adjusted in height to fit different bottle height by a simple motion on a toothed shaft.

  • Manual operation : the operator loads manually the bottle on the pedestal and lower a lever to start the filling process

  • No-foam devices: the bottle is positioned slightly inclined, the filling valve is designed with product outfeed on the back-side to reduce the product foaming during the filling process

  • Front protection covers and stainless steel panels between each bottle

mod. 2 VALVES: Produc. 100 bott/h

mod. 4 VALVES: Produc. 200 bott/h

  • Width : mm 1250
  • Height : mm 930
  • Depth: mm 600
n.b.: The hourly output is depending from the product specifications (as CO2 amount, temperure, bottle size)

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