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Pasteurizer - DP100

The pasteurizer has been studied to warm up to a certain temperature the juice coming out from fruit's squeezing operations.

High density liquids (Jams), or with an ongoing fermentation process cannot be used.


Water Thermometer Coil



The machine heats the juice by immersing the coil in hot water so to avoid the overheating that could be acquired with a direct heating (for example on fire).

Juice temperature raising to at least 75°C prevents its fermentation.

The following bottling into containers with hermetic stoppers allows food preservation keeping unchanged characteristics and flavour over time.



  • Juice container's capacity: about 40 lt.

  • Water container's capacity : 50 lt.

  • Min. temperature of out coming juice: from 75°C to 80°C (manual adjustment)

  • Max. production : 100 litres per hour (it varies depending on the juice density, the juice initial temperature and the power of the heat source)


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