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Juice Extractor

The Juice extractor is used to make a juice extraction from fruit using the steam cooking system.

The machine is suitable to steam vegetables or to precook fruit for jam.


Inside Juice Extractor Inside Juice Exstractor



The water inside the lower pot is heated up to generate steam.

The steam goes to the loading basket through a tube and cooks the fruit, or vegetables, here contained.

in the juicy fruits the liquid part is separated from the pulp, filters through the basket holes and is collected in the external pot.

The juice will be bottled by means of the tap and then sealed with hermetic cork.

This operation stops fermentation of the juice that keeps naturally a long time.





Diameter mm. 280 360
Total heigh mm. 480 550
Basket capacity lt. lt 12 lt 24
Maximum amount of fruit 10 kg 20 kg
Juice output Based on the type of fruit Based on the type of fruit
Grape juice yield* lt 6-7 lt 13-14
Juice yield juicy apples* lt 3-3,5 lt 6-7
*The cooking time changes between one hour and 30 minutes and 3 hours according to the model and the type of fruit.


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