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Semiautomatic Counterpressure Filler - RI500

Isobaric filling machine 4 valves, suitable to fill sparkling beverages such as beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks, carbonated water etc.. The machine takes ups a minimal space, it is built entirely in AISI 304.

Ideal for small productions, it requires no special maintenance and installation. Filling capacity: from 0.25 to 1.5 lt.


valves filling machine Isobaric filling machine




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  • Isobaric filling of carbonated beverages such as sparkling wines, soft-drinks, beer, mineral water.

  • Product storage tank with floating level, with thick walls, tested for operation up to 5 pressure bar

  • Pneumatic bottle-lift with bottle - centering device

  • Stainless steel filling nozzle, with hot-sanitizable seals

  • 'No-foam' filling system, with rubber ring on the filling pipe to spread the product on the bottle walls

  • Product level inside the bottle by means of steel pipes, easily removable with a tool included in the supply

  • Front safety panel with pneumatic safe lock


  • positioning of the empry bottles on the pedestals
  • closing of the front safety panel
  • bottle-lifting up to start the filling cycle
  • automatic filling cycle with first phase of pressure exchange between the product in the tank and the bottle
  • filling operation with automatic levelling
  • lowering down of the full bottles, with first controlled 'degassing'

Technical specifications :

  • Weight: Kg. 150
  • Dimensons: 1000 x 500 x h.2000 mm
  • Output 360-460 bt./h. approx *

* N.B.: the output is depending from product specifications, CO2/gr. level, filling temperature.


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