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rinsing machine

The machine for the inner washing of glass bottles and jar has limited overall dimensions. It is fully manufactured in AISI 304 steel.

It is constituted by a work plan with 4 nozzles, on which the bottles are manually overturned.


Rinsing Machine SC 750 Rinsing Machine SC 750



  • On demand the machine can be equipped with only 2 nozzles for air ( in Blowing machine version ) or for water ( in rinsing machine version ).

  • The bottles are rinsed by an injection of pre-filtered water (or pre-filtered air) coming from the hydric network.

  • Complete with filter for water or air inner.

  • The machine can be used also as a wine rinsing machine or as a blowing machine.

  • The SC 750 rinsing machine not needed of electric supply.


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