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Vegetables Cutter

Bench vegetables cutter with machine's body in steel and aluminium dismountable hopper to facilitate the cleaning operations, equipped with two power feeders: the first one is half-moon shaped (dimensions 121 cm2) for more voluminous greens, and the second one is cylindrical shaped (Ø 58mm) equipped with a pressing device for the cutting of long and fine greens. ( Three-phases motor to slice, to grate, to cut into sticks ( fried potatoes) and into small cubes in 6 sizes from 5 to 25m. The start of the machine during the work is automatic thanks to a microswitch installed on the pressing device. The asynchronous motor is installed on ball bearings for the intensive use. According to the CE law.



Vegetables Cutter Disk to cut into cubes 8x8



Vegetables Cutter

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  • 1 speed of 375 turns/min ideal for the cutting of delicate foods, for fruit-salads and french fries. This machine guarantees a great variety of cutting to slice, grate and cut into cubes.

  • These models offer a fuller range for the cutting into cubes ( from 5x5x5 at least to 25x25x25 at most). Gain of all these possibilities to show dishes in different ways.

  • For a perfectly sure use, these models are equipped with a magnetic patented safety system . This system stops the motor as soon as the cover is opened or when the press-foods is removed and it prevents to approach sharp elements when the appliance goes into operation.

  • Motor block in inox steel equipped with motor of 550W.

  • Two power feeders: a big feeder half-moon shaped ( introduction's opening: 121cm2) for the cutting of voluminous greens like cabbage, celery, turnip. A cylindric feeder (diameter 58mm)expected for long or fine greens with an incredible cutting's precision.

  • These models are equipped with automatic start of the machine through a little lever for a greater working comfort and a bigger execution's quickness.


  • Feeding 400Volt - 50Hz - 3Phases
  • Power 0,75Hp - 0.55Kw
  • Speed 375 tunrs/min
  • Covers' production from 30 to 300
  • Theoric production from 250 to 350 Kg/h
  • Dimensions 300L 360D 555H
  • Weight 16Kg
Slices cutting Slices Greens in wavy slices Slices
0,8 mm 4 mm
1 mm 5 mm
2 mm 8 mm
3 mm 10 mm
Wavy 2 mm 14 mm
Wavy 3 mm Wavy 5 mm

Sticks cutting
Match cutting
Sticks Grate
2 x 2 mm (Match) 1,5 mm
2 x 4 mm (Little sticks) 2 mm
2 x 6 mm (Little sticks) 3 mm
2 x 8 mm (Little sticks) 4 mm
3 x 3 mm 5 mm
4 x 4 mm 7 mm
6 x 6 mm 9 mm
8 x 8 mm Parmesan
Fried potatoes 8 x 8 mm Radishes
Fried potatoes 10x 10 mm  

 Greens cutting in little cubes Little Cubes  
5 x 5 mm
8 x 8 mm
10 x 10 mm
14 x 14 mm
20 x 20 mm
25 x 25 mm

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