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Automatic Corking Machine - TPV1000A

This machine is designed for the capping of glass bottles with aluminium screw caps. It is designed for easy installation into an existing bottling line.

Its baseframe and main parts are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel.


Capsuleuse Automatiques - TPV2000A Capping Head



Single-head capping turret:
  • 4-rollers stainless steel capping head, with 'no cap - no roll' safety device

  • Pneumatic bottle lifting

  • Mechanical height adjustment of the filling turret, to fit different bottle heights.

  • Inert gas injection prior to capping (option)

Main technical specifications :
  • Safety shields complying with 'EC' laws, with plexiglass panels and safety micro-switches.

  • Machine base-frame made of heavy steel supports, totally covered by AISI 304 stainless steel plates.

  • Transmission of the motion between the different assembly by gears.

  • Microswitch on the central starwheel, stopping the machine in case of broken or fallen bottles.

  • Speed change by frequency inverter

  • Electric appliances with low tension controls, included into a stainless steel box with front panel

OUTPUT : Up to 2.000 b.p.h. (available model TPV2000A with output 2.500 bph)

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